Vinyl Liner Replacement for your pool

Replacing a Vinyl Liner

Goin' Swimmin' Pool Service has over 20 patterns to choose from and you are sure to find what you want for your pool.  We've made it easy for you by using a quality liner you can rely on to fit your pool and last for years to come.  With a large selection of patterns to choose from, our patterns are sure to suit any backyard and poolscape.  Liner material is made of 100% Virgin Vinyl.  Our liners are specifically treated with a special fungicide to inhibit bacteria growth.

Getting a proper measurement on your pool to get a liner custom made is the #1 step to doing the job right.  In most cases, we are able to leave your pool filled with water until the liner is ready to be installed.  Depending on the condition of your pool will determine if we need to drain your pool in order to get an accurate measurement.

Goin Swimmin Pool Service

During the manufacturing process, a CAD drawing is made of your pool and all measurements are verified to insure proper fit of your new liner.  In most cases, we are able to give you a quote on-site or with-in a 24 hour period.  We work hard to produce a quick turn around time getting your new liner installed. 

Once your pool is drained and prior to liner installation, we thoroughly inspect the interior of your pool to see if repairs are needed for the liner track, walls, light and pool bottom floor.  Our goal is hand back to you a pool that you can rely on for years to come.  Click to view Pool Bottom Repair.

Contact us to inquire about getting your new liner installed.  We will be happy to visit with you discuss our many options and answer questions you may have about a new liner for your pool.  Estimates are Free.

Vinyl Liner Patterns

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Floor & Pool Bottom Repair

With every new liner install, we assume and incorporate minor bottom repair.  There are situations that require more extensive repair to take place prior to installing your new liner. 

Damage to your pool bottom can be caused by several things: a leak in your liner that allowed water to get underneath, ground water issues causing erosion or your pool bottom freezing due because the pool was empty.  Getting your pool bottom back in shape prior to installing a new liner is important to the life of your liner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Will it be ok to drain my liner pool?

A - The age of liner, the amount of elasticity left in the vinyl and how well the liner fits in your pool, will determine whether or not you should chance draining your liner or not.  The longer a vinyl pool remains empty, the greater the chance for structural damage and/or ground shifting.  Be careful draining your pool if you have wooden walls and a high water table.  If you drain your vinyl pool and leave it over time without keeping the vinyl wet, the liner will shrink.  This can present a challenge in getting the liner to fit back properly.  Knowing how to and attaching a vacuum behind the liner as it is filling up is very important in getting the liner to fit back in place.

Q - My liner has water underneath and what do I need to do?

A - Chances are, you either have water underneath the liner due to a hole in liner or the ground water table has raised due to rain.  If water underneath started showing up after a big rain, chances are this is ground water.  If the liner is not floating too bad, let mother nature do its thing.  Be sure the pool is filled up to its proper level and this will equalize the hydrostatic pressure.  Chances are the liner will fit back in place once the ground starts to dry up.  With new liners, be careful not to leave a wrinkle if at all possible.  There is a chance you might have to have to drain some water down and have the liner reset.

Q - How do I eliminate ground water that keeps floating my liner every time it rains?

A - If your pool has a tendency to have a floating liner every time there is a big rain, you might want to look into having a sump pump system installed behind your pool wall.  There are many different ways to install a sump pump on a pre-existing pool.  Having a fully automatic pumping system is a good system to consider.  We have installed various pump systems behind liner pools and have had very good success.

Q - Will the wrinkles in my liner cause a problem?

A - The optimal situation is not to have any wrinkles in your liner.  Over time if you have ground water issues and you never got the wrinkles addressed or fixed, your liner probably has a "memory" now and the wrinkles will not go away.

Q - My liner keeps popping out of track. What can I do?

A - This doesn't mean the liner doesn't fit or you have a bad install.  Liners do move and shift especially a newly installed liner.  Snapping them back in track should be no problem.  Older liners can present more of a challenge.  Warming up the liner with some hot water or a hair dryer are tricks to be used.  Be careful with the hair dryer and always use a GFI outlet and definitely do not have anybody in the pool.  Once liner is back in track, you can use "liner lock" which is a plastic vinyl bead used to insert in tracking once liner has be reattached.